November 3, 2011

Three's a Charm

My goal for November is to blog about one thing I"m thankful for every day. Some of you smart-guys will probably notice that it's November 3rd. I may be a little late, but it's perfect to start out with my three favorite people.
2 1/2. Busy. Snuggly. Sweet. Funny. Active. My favorite little guy.
I love everything about this little guy. From the way he runs (or hops) everywhere he goes to the way he talks (Emily=Willy, Coconut=Coco-ut, Andrew=Andews) to the way he snuggles with us at night. I love my little buddy, and can truly say that he is one of the best people I know. (No, I'm not biased.) I am so very thankful for Andrew.
4 1/2 months.  Happy.  Sweet.  Has a super glare.  Joyful.  Snuggly.
Emily is such a super sweet little gal.  We haven't known her long, but from the moment she entered our lives, she has become such an important part of the family, and of my life.  I am so very thankful for Emily.

31.  Sweet.  Happy.  Hard-working.  Funny.  Always improving.  Amazing husband.  Best friend.  Best dad.  Handsome.  Kind.  Wonderful.  Smart.
Mike is without a doubt my favorite guy.  I love him, and can't imagine my life without him.  I love him so much.  I am so very thankful for Michael.

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