November 5, 2011


  Today I am grateful for siblings. I'm grateful that Emily and Andrew have each other.  Andrew has even (gasp!) started to acknowledge her existence.  Emily thinks Andrew is absolutely the most interesting thing in the house.  Here they are looking in a little mirro on a toy together.  I love those two.
 I have 5 awesome ones myself, as well as 6 sibling-in-laws who are so dear to me as well.  I think brothers and sisters have a bond that is incomparable.  No one else can quite understand why you're crying about your dog Lady dying when she died 11+ years ago.  No one else can quite understand why you watch Pee-Wee's Christmas Special every year.  Or why you reference bug sandwiches, bye-baders, the "blacktop", or the hills being alive...and hungry.  They are your fiercest supporters, your closest friends, and the ones who just might understand you the most.

I don't come from a family that expresses their feelings often, but I'm trying to raise a family that does, so here we go.

Michael - big brother, in every sense of the word.  I love that guy.  He is a fantastic actor, loads of fun, and gives great hugs.  Michael has a smile that can light up a room, and a sense of humor and love of family to match it.  I love my big brother so much!  He's the kind of person where the more you know him, the more you love him.
Laura - caring, loving, compassionate, funny, and amazing.  I still remember her doing my hair and thinking she was about the most talented person on the planet.  Laura is an incredible person, and someone I wish I lived closer to so I could see her more.  Andrew and Emily don't know what they're missing, because Laura might just be the best aunt imaginable.
Amy - smart, talented, funny, personable, fun, and quick-witted.  Whatever she does, she does it well.  No, that's a lie.  Whatever she does, she does it perfectly.  But you won't find a more humble person than my big sister Amy.  Growing up, I idolized her, and she never let me down.  Even when I was a dorky young teen, she would invite me into her room just to hang out.  That meant a lot to me.  Truthfully I still idolize her, and she always seems to exceed my expectations.
Jeanette- caring, spiritually-minded, funny, devoted, and fun-loving.  We fought all growing up and ended up being best friends.  I don't know how often that happens, but I'm sure grateful it did.  Jeanette is voted (by me) most likely to be a friend to everyone.  To know her is to love her.  We've shared a lot of the same milestones at about the same time and it's been great to share with her.  Jeanette is amazing.
Aaron- devoted, devoted, devoted.  Aaron has always been devoted to his family.  He's fun to live with, and an awesome uncle.  He doesn't say much, but when he does, it's pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious.  Aaron is 100% brother, and I love him.

I am so thankful for brothers and sisters!


Mom said...

Wow, that almost makes me wish I was your sister!

Amy said...

I just told Mike that the mark of a good Relief Society lesson is when you bring them all to tears. Apparently that is also the mark of a good blog post. Sheesh.

timpani76 said...

Aw, you made Amy blubber ;)

I love my siblings! People wonder why we try so hard to keep having kids (2 1/2 years with Sorsha!) and all I can say is that I love my siblings so much I can;t deny that to my kids.