November 10, 2011

Pacify Me

Today I am thankful for pacifiers.  I know some people are against them, but for me, they are stinking awesome.  Emily loves hers, taking it out to eat, talk, or just to stare at it.  Plus MAM has the cutest pacifiers.  It's hard not to buy them just because they're cute.  :)  I'm just glad that Little Miss Picky likes the cutest pacifiers the best.  :)

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Jennifer said...

My baby decided that he likes the pacifiers that I think are the ugliest in the world--those Soothie ones that he got at the hospital. I tried to convert him to cute ones once we got home, but he wouldn't go for it. So, we use the Soothies for peace and quiet, even if it means I have to look at the inside of his mouth through that little hole in the middle, which I think is incredibly disgusting.