November 10, 2011

When You Have a Two Year Old...

When you have a two year old....

1.  And you're teaching him to brush his teeth, don't just say, "Okay now, spit."  That is, unless you love getting toothpaste and toddler spit all over your face.
2.  Remember that sometimes bribery is awesome.  And it doesn't have to be much.  A 16 oz milk bottle in the grocery store?  A peaceful trip.  Again, bribery can be so awesome.
3.  Be careful, because they will catch onto everything.  Luckily for us, this hasn't come back to bite us or anything, but I've just become very aware of his spongey-ness.  When I gave him a haircut yesterday, he looked in the mirror and said, "Hm.  Nice haircut!"
4.  You will miss the baby that once was, absolutely love the sweet little crazy toddler he is, and both greatly anticipate and dread him growing up into a not-so-little person.

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