June 30, 2011

Little Miss Emily

Want to see the cutest little girl on the planet? Okay, here you go.

Absolutely love her little newborn smiles. She is such a sweet, calm, beautiful little girl. I am just absolutely smitten with her.
And so is her big brother Andrew. It took a week for him to realize she was staying and to acknowledge her existence, but now he's pretty fond of his little "Bebe Em-a-me."
Giving her a kiss on the head.
Em looks kind of weird in this one, but I love it still.
Hugs. Makes me want to freeze this moment in time forever.
He wanted me to let go so he could do it on his own. No way, bub.
Relaxing with Daddy.
Tiny princess with her favorite daddy.
This outfit had me squealing with happiness all day. I am in love with her little slippers.
My precious girl.
No more pictures. Seriously, Mommy.

But how can I resist?!


timpani76 said...

Don't stop taking pics! I absolutely love baby pics. Hands down my favorite!

kirsten said...

she's BEAUTIFUL! congrats to your little family! hope you're healing well, too!

Jill said...

She is seriously so beautiful. I love those tender pics of her and Andrew.