June 26, 2011

Room for Everyone

Right now I'm in a weird transition period where I no longer just have one baby to take care of. Not to mention the fact that Andrew hasn't been a baby for a while now... I had a big fear ever since I became pregnant with Emily that I wouldn't love her like I love Andrew. I just couldn't imagine having that same relationship with another kid. Deep down, I knew it wouldn't really be that way. And it's not. I realize now that I DON'T love Emily just like I love Andrew. I love them the same amount, but I love them differently because they ARE different. I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly, because I'm not entirely sure how to put it. I'm learning every day of my life that my heart has room for everyone I will let in. And nothing will open your heart more than family. I feel so happy and grateful for my husband, for my new sweet little girl, and for my little Andrew - my very first little baby.

Big guy all ready for church. Please ignore all the junk in the background.

"Cheese!" What a handsome little guy!!!!!
Tromping around in his boots and diaper. He is just so hilarious.

I will always love this little face.


timpani76 said...

Five years ago, I could have written this blog post!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this! I thought I was the only one who ever felt that way! I had the same thoughts when I had my first and then second baby and mentioned it to someone who thought I was crazy! But because we love them so much, it's hard to see how we can have any more love than that! But it's amazing how your love just grows and grows!
I always tell my kids that "I love all my kids the same, but for different reasons". I'm so happy for you and your family. This is a sweet and exciting time in your life. xoxo Kim Bessey