June 30, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment and Little Picasso

Last week my mom and I took Andrew and Emily to their doctor's appointment. Emily was not happy to not be eating. Andrew was really tired, and tried to escape the whole time while Em was calm until she realized that she should be eating. All the time. They're both healthy, Emily's back up to her birth weight, and Andrew is doing great as well.
I think I can actually hear her saying "QUIT IT!" here.

In a calmer moment.
Andrew was ALL over the place....
Drop and give me 20.
Okay, so he wasn't actually doing pushups, but I love that it came out that way.
Andrew was very serious about his painting. He got it ALL over the place. Cute little guy.
Serious little artist.

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Jeanette and Jason said...

I love the first picture of this blog. Hilarious.