June 25, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggitty Jig

We got home yesterday, and there seriously IS no place like home. Especially when you have Andrew in the house. I mean, Happy Meal hats? Doesn't get funnier than that. Jeanette and Andrew made this little sign for the door. It was really sweet, and made the homecoming that much more fun for us. Andrew was very happy to see us, which made me in turn so very happy. He gave us lots and lots of hugs, and even acknowledged Emily's existence once or twice. Amazing. :) We set her down and he proceeded to bring her all the fruit in the house he could find, setting it on her legs and saying "Der go." The first piece of fruit was a lemon. Mike said, "Wow. Life's already dealt her a lemon." It was pretty funny.
My mom left me a sweet surprise, too. I've been meaning to plant some flowers in the planter in the front of the house for a really long time now, and haven't done it. So, being the nice lady she is, she did it for me. It looks so bright and cheery and made the day even brighter.

And, because I can never figure out what order these pictures will go in, here we are in the hospital getting ready to go home. She looks so tiny in that seat. We have a little headrest halo thingie for it so her head is better supported, but we forgot to bring it.

Here is Emmie with Daddy. I love how she looks like the jig is up. "I swear, I didn't know that waking you up 15 times in the night was a crime. I've been set up!"

We are so happy to be home, so happy to be a little family, and so happy to have family to help out and enjoy this special time with us.

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