June 16, 2011

What's in a Name?

Yesterday Andrew said, "Hiya Kalen" to me. Then today, he said, "Sank ya Kalen." It pretty much cracks me up that he's started calling me Karen. He also calls me Mommy, so I think it'll be okay. :) Especially when soon he'll have another little person calling me Mommy (yay! 39 weeks today by the way.)

Also, we've narrowed our choices (again) down to Emily, Colette, or Amelia. We really love all those names, so we're having a hard time making a decision. Some of my favorites are Emily Charlotte, Colette Erin, Colette Eloise (hello French baby...), Amelia Grace, and my sister Laura's vote - Voldemortina. Lovely. ;o) That one probably won't be happening since we didn't name Andrew Hellspike. Sorry guys. Soooo, thoughts? We LOVE Colette Eloise, but worry that people will think we're being weird making it so French. It just goes together so well. We just seriously SERIOUSLY can't wait for little ladybug to make her appearance so we can start snuggling her royal sweetness.

Soon, so soon! :)


Shannon said...

haha! I say you should name her Bellatrix Eloise ROFL!

my second vote is for Amelia Grace

Natalie said...

I like Emily best, but I'm sure you will know as soon as you see her cute little face (any day now!!!)

timpani76 said...

Girls names are the hardest because they are all so pretty!

Jennifer said...

I say don't think too much about the middle name and what people might think of it-- just name her what you love. Middle names just don't come up that much in conversation. What I've found is that a middle name presents a great opportunity-- either to use another name that you're really in love with that just didn't make the cut as a first name; or to honor someone (family/friend) without having all the pressure of using their name as a first name.

All of your names sound nice, and if you want my two cents about Eloise: Maybe I'm just clueless but I guess I didn't realize that's a French name... so I assume other people might be just as clueless. I mostly think of the character from the children's book series.

Dereth said...

I love all of them! I do love Amelia though. If you are in to nick names "Mia" is a super cute nick name for Amelia. I agree that you will know when you see her. Can't wait to see pictures!