June 17, 2011

Sunset Point Resort

I know you're going to be saying, "ENOUGH with the pictures already...." but... it was hard to narrow them down! :) Last week, we went to Sunset Point Resort, a little place we went to as kids. It was so nice to be able to see any one of my brothers and sisters anytime I wanted, get a little sun (I am now a mother-of-pearl rather than just blazing white), and spend some time in the pool.
Here I am with my cutie-pie little nephew Noah. He was such a cute little smiley guy.
Andrew liked the tennis court. Here he is throwing the ball. Most of the time it lands behind him, but he's a very proud little guy.
His favorite part of the whole trip was all the rocks. Every time we came outside, he would find at least one rock.
We celebrated my awesome nephew Dominic's 16th birthday, as well as my sister Amy and Andrew's birthdays which were the week before. I made a couple cakes, and here's my messy faced little 2 year old blowing out the candles on his turtle cake. (He got a little help.)
Here we are. I still can't believe how grown up he's getting.
Andrew fell asleep at the table while eating dinner one night and there was absolutely no waking that kid. Mike picked him up and tried to get him to sit up. Here was the result, with Mike imitating him. Also please note the drool stains on Mike's shirt from holding that tired little guy.
And here he is asleep. What a little angel boy!
Snuggling sleepy Andrew.
Andrew was so sweet to all the babies this weekend. Here he was tickling Noah. Later when he was crying, Andrew threw his arms around him to comfort him. It was so sweet. Love the matching overalls.
Andrew and Grandma reading a story.
Sierra was reading out loud, and Andrew thought that he should get in on that! That kid sure loves books. I'm so glad!
Enjoying the great outdoors with Daddy. And yes, those are computers. And yes, he was watching Shaun the Sheep. Funny little guy.
Zach and Danny lived in their swim goggles. To them, any moment not in the pool was a moment wasted.
Speaking of the pool.... can you tell they're related? Andrew had the best time swimming all week. I was afraid he wouldn't like it because he hates to have water on his face or head at all. But after 5 minutes with Daddy in the pool, he was jumping in, going underwater, and cracking up when everyone was splashing around. Go figure. :)
Andrew with his daddy Mike and his Uncle Mikes. :)
He was really digging that little boat we got him. Here he is with my brother Michael.
Watching as Mike wrestles on of the nephews.
One of the cabins we stayed in.
Dominic, Sierra, and Danny having fun in the shallow end.
My cutie pie husband who did more than his share of chasing after Andrew all week. He is sure nice to his (very) pregnant wife. Thanks, sweetie.

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Jensen Family said...

Looks like fun!! What a cute kid Andrew is! Can't wait to see number 2. Let me know if I can take Andrew off your hands for a few play days after the baby comes!