July 3, 2011

Family Pictures

Me and Mike with our little daughter (by the way, it's still weird and awesome that we have a little girl now!)
The whole family! I can't believe my luck. The best husband, the funniest, nicest little son, and the sweetest little daughter.
Sleeping little angel. I could just stare at my sleeping babies all day.
"You may kiss the royal hand."
My "little" guy. He has been a little jealous lately of the baby. He's been really sweet to her, he just likes to sit in her seat, ask for hugs while I'm feeding the baby, etc. I'm really proud of how he's adjusting. I love my little guy.
I love my little family!!


Jeanette and Jason said...

So cute. The kiss the royal hand comment cracked me up.

Jensen Family said...

Very cute! We had a ton of fun today! Very tasty dinner too. Yay for the 4th of July!