July 26, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with my blog post, it just cracks me up. Do you like her onsie bonnet? :)
This is my blessing #1 - Andrew. What a great kid. He's funny, he's sweet, he's cute, and he takes good naps (usually) and sleeps well at night (usually!). Love that kid. And I love the way he holds his stuffed animals.
Blessing #2 - This is how Emily was sleeping the other day. So funny. I love that little kid so much...
She looks a little weird here, but I love her little smiles. She smiles all the time, especially when I stick my tongue out at her or when I open my mouth really wide. It's hilarious. She's too adorable.
Blessing #3 - Emily's blessing. Even though Andrew was crying for his daddy the whole time, I felt so very blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder in Mike who was able to bless her. I'm excited for her to continue to grow and become her own little person. Here she is at my parents house. Could she be any more tiny?
I love her little blessing outfit. She looked so cute.
Mike was exhausted and fell asleep on the floor.
My dad and Emily
I hate to admit that I love it when she starts to cry, because she usually makes this silly face beforehand.
Here are the three of us. Andrew was running around somewhere and was impossible to track down. This is outside the church after she was blessed. I'm in love with her socks. And her dad.
Two of my loves
Emily finally got to meet her Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs. They loved her, she loved them, it was good. :)
I love this picture. I love my in-laws so very much.
I feel very blessed!!

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Colton Anne said...

What fun and cute pictures! I love that one of her in the chair...she is so tiny!! And I agree...a VERY cute blessing outfit!