November 9, 2009


***Exciting news!!! It has now been 5 days of ALL the dishes being washed, dried, and put away by the time I go to bed at night. That's right folks!!! Small victory, but it's mine, baby!***

Today my house still looks messy. And that box is still in the upstairs bathroom with 5 things in it or so....and it's been there since we moved in. Ahem.

But today I...

1. Had breakfast buddies with Michael and Andrew. Toaster Streudels. So good.
2. Made taco soup for dinner and had it done by noon. (Really easy, really delicious. Brown hamburger with onions. Add corn, kidney beans, pinto beans, green chilis, taco seasoning packet, ranch dressing packet, diced tomatoes, meat and onions. There were lots of recipes online, but I just kind of added what looked right. Serve it with cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips for dipping. SOOO good.)
3. Did 3 loads of laundry and folded them. The trouble now is to put them away.
4. Straightened up the living room and baby's room
5. Exercised
6. Changed 11 diapers. I think. I stopped counting.
7. Gathered up the trash throughout the house
8. Watched an episode of Monk online (love that show)
9. Made an appointment with the Parents as Teachers program
10. Stopped all that to play with Andrew. Because I realize that he will not always be this little. He will grow up and eventually not want to cuddle with me anymore. Everything I do will no longer be hilarious, and as much as I am excited to meet Andrew as he grows into his own little person day by day, I think I will always miss my sweet little Jellybean and his goofy toothless grin.

The day wasn't perfect, but for now it was absolutely where I needed to be.


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timpani76 said...

You got so much done! I don't think I got that much done in a week when my kids were still babies ;)

Natalie said...

Wow, 5 more days of dishes being done than me.