November 19, 2009


Goodbye 20's. Helllooooo 30's. Yup, tomorrow is my husband's birthday. I doubt he'll see this on his special day as he'll be busy finishing up his huge memo that's due tomorrow for school, but in any case - Happy Birthday, Mike. I sure love you. Because:

1. You're my best friend.
2. You are hilarious.
3. You are genuinely interested in people.
4. You work so hard in school.
5. You are a wonderful, caring husband.
6. You are a fun, nice daddy.
7. You are a good friend and support to all of your family members.
8. You are quite humorous in your sleep. (I'll leave that to another post, web on-lookers.)
9. You are so handsome.
10. You support me in all I do.
11. You brought me Runts at work, thereby saving the lives of my co-workers that may have otherwise perished in a pregnancy-induced rage.
12. You're my favorite handy-man.
13. You are custom-fit for me.
14. You help me strive to do what's right.
15. You make me want to be my best self.
16. You are interesting to talk to.
17. You're smart.
18. You are kind.
19. You help people, even when no one is looking.
20. You watch chick-flicks with me. (And you even like them! Shhh...I won't tell anyone you like Jane Austen movies.)
21. You give good compliments. :)
22. You never yell.
23. You always have great gospel insight.
24. You're strong.
25. You make being married fun.
26. You think of fun things for us to do together (lay under the arch and look at the clouds, giving me a scavenger hunt on my birthday, Birthday Buddies, etc etc etc.)
27. You love me - truly.
28. You are always learning.
29. You love to read.
And lastly:
30. Because you're you. And you are perfect like that.

Happy Birthday, my nice Michael.


Littlest Liz said...

That's my brudder! (But not Lil' Brudder, the one-legged puppy) Happy Birthday to Mike!

Renae said...

He's even funny in his sleep? Dang!

timpani76 said...

He LIKES Jane Austen movies? My husband watches them with me, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one enjoying them! Good for you that he likes girl movies AND he's handy around the house. Such perfect balance ;)

Law Fool said...

Yeah, I do like Jane Austin movies. I've never gotten past page 15 of any of her books though. I always wind up wishing I was reading Little Women instead.

Yay for my birthday, yay for my family, and yay for the face that I am not (nor likely to become) a one-legged puppy.

Veronica said...

Awwwwww <3