November 8, 2009


Someday I will be able to put all of my groceries away the same day I go shopping.
Someday I will be able to look back and see a truly productive day.
Someday I will keep my house in such a state that I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone were to just drop in.
Someday I will remember to both read my scriptures AND say my prayers properly- on the same day.
Someday I will do all of this because today, today I am taking baby steps to change my habits and become more of the person I want to be.

I don't expect to be perfect, but gosh darn it - I'm ready to start improving my life by small and simple steps. I'm worth it. I just gotta remember that.


Amy said...

Nicely said. I've been working to move in the right direction lately, too. At times it seems totally overwhelming, but each time I do some small thing that I should, hope rises again that I COULD be better. That for that small act, I already AM better.

Littlest Liz said...

Karen, I love you. I want to improve my life with more Karen exposure.

timpani76 said...

This will get easier the older your baby gets, until you have another one!!!

Veronica said...

My list is very much like yours... kudos for voicing it. I think that's the first step!