November 11, 2009

Baby News and Karen's Got a New Mindset

So, sorry no pictures, but my kid is about to crawl. He hasn't gotten the hands yet, but he's constantly up on hands and knees. He's either rocking or moving his knees back and forth. Maybe I should get him a baby treadmill. :) If he would move his hands at the same time, he'd be moving. All along my un-vaccumed floor. Oy vey.

Which brings me to my new mindset. My house is little by little getting cleaner and more organized. I prayed for help, and came up with FlyLady. I have yet to follow her advice on anything. Whoops. But (BUT! Yes, it gets better.) I have followed a bit of her mentality. Ready for it?.............

Rome wasn't built in a day. Why in the world do I think I can change all my bad habits and bad mindsets in a day? And because I'm not beating myself up constantly (and with the help of a little guy who is just starting to figure out that he can play on his own) (and with a little help from my favorite of husbands for his help in throwing things away and putting up shelves so we can put up our food storage, etc.) I feel in control. I tell myself that I can only do a little at a time. And that's what I do. I now find myself looking around the room before I leave to find something I can take to the room I'm going into to put away.

For some of you (maybe most of you) this may not seem like a big thing. But for me, it's been an amazing week. I made cupcakes in celebration. Luckily, the missionaries and the Bells are coming over to help us eat them.

And is it just me or is Rainbow Chip icing the best icing on the planet?

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Jennifer said...

Way to go on your new mindset and new goals! I also like what the FlyLady has going on... I mean a simple thing like having a clean sink every morning when you wake up just makes a lot of sense.

Today I'm just proud of myself for taking all three of my kids to the grocery store without any of the four of us throwing any tantrums.