November 21, 2009

Picture Time, Picture Time.

We got family pictures done today. Yay! No, this one isn't going to be blown up and put over the mantlepiece, (and not just because we don't have a mantlepiece) but it does amuse me quite a bit and may make it on my new family history wall. Those two sure are crazy about each other. :)
My sister-in-law Laura got Andrew this ADORABLE little Santa outfit. I laughed for a good 2 minutes straight when he was presented in it. Sooooo cute!!! He's definitely going to be wearing this when he meets Santa this year. Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. S have invited us up north again this year for brunch on Christmas Eve. Such a chore, but we must indulge the old man. Just kidding. Please don't tell him I said that.


timpani76 said...

Super Baby! To the rescue! (with the help of Dad of course)

Littlest Liz said...

That Santa suit is hilarious! He looks like an elf! SO CUTE!

Mom said...

We wondered why the blankets were all pulled off our bed. We were about to put the blame on Sierra. Sorry, Sierra! That little Santa picture is worth it. That boy has such a great smile.