July 9, 2015

Cute Kids

We have been gone from home A LOT lately, and it feels so good to be home finally.  I'm going to try to catch-up on here, starting with just random family pictures.
 We went to Daddy's work to show Baby Henry off.  Charlie was so excited to be "Stephanie" (one of his coworkers).  They were all excited because everyone there treats them so kindly and they always end up with candy.  :)

Due to the insane amount of rain, we haven't been able to play outside as much.  Hopefully we can take advantage of the nice weather when it comes!

Henry wiggin' out

Charlie falls and busts his lip once every other week at least.  Poor little runner.  He also chose his clothes that day. 

Henry loves staring at the fish on his mobile.  And I'm not sure why there's a Pooh toy on there instead of the other fish toy. :)

What's behind this arm?....

A smile!

A very happy smile!

Em wanted a picture with me.  This was the best we could do.

This was the first time she asked to hold the baby.  So cute!!

He is definitely loved around here. 

For obvious reasons, we adore this little guy.

He makes the goofiest faces.

Andrew is the best big brother ever.  So sweet.

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