July 13, 2015

Andrew Update

Six year old Andrew is just as funny, spunky, crazy, silly, energetic and smart as ever.
Here he is in a rain cover he made himself.

Here he is pretending to work in a patent office.  Yes, seriously.

He has discovered that he really likes the camera.

 A lot.
Andrew's been seeing a lot of specialists lately.  ENT, opthamologist, audiologist... Here he is with the opthamologist.  Andrew was very excited that they shared the same first name.

This bear was in the waiting room!  It looks exactly the same as the one Mike got as a boy.

After a haircut, Andrew was lamenting his loss.  "I don't like spikey hair.  Just fluffy hair."  So Daddy put it in a jar and he's been carrying it around.  It is christened 'Fluffy'.  He is a funny, odd little duck.

And here's our cutie little guy getting his hearing checked.  The doctor said he has ok hearing, but there was some weirdness so she wants to see him at the end of the summer.  He will also be going to a speech therapist to check and see if he needs speech therapy.  He has been a great little trooper and is loving the attention.
He will also be getting his tonsils removed (date TBD) and has a stronger prescription for his glasses.

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