July 9, 2015

Public Service Announcement


Every. Single.
Our faces were cracking us up after I had my cavities filled and Mike got his root canals.  For awhile, then it got really really annoying and frustrating.  Nothing worse than trying to tell your kids sternly that they need to "go pwean uff your bwoom."  (Go clean up your room.)  Even I couldn't take myself seriously.
And then we got the dental bill, which was no fun.  Thank goodness for dental insurance.  It still cost an arm and a leg because of all the work we had to get done, but we're thankful that we live in a time when modern medicine is available.  No hammer for us.  Yikes!

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Mom said...

Glad you got your work done -- and that you have dental insurance. We never did and there were sure times when it would have come in handy.