July 14, 2015

Emily Update

Our little Emily has decided that she wants to be a big girl.  She got so excited when she peeled her own banana.  She has had the ability to do these sorts of things for a long time, but has been her stubborn self and has just now decided to do them. 
She is kind of serious around other people, and super silly around us.  She always tries to make us laugh and usually succeeds.  Her favorite "funny" thing to say is 'mashed potato' which actually in Emily-ese is "Masha Datato!"  It's adorable.
Another thing she decided to start doing is drawing.  She makes cute little people (this picture is a 'happy Mommy') and has branched into drawing bugs, flowers, etc.  It has also helped her to want to write letters more.  She has known what they were for a couple years now, but hasn't really wanted to write until now.

We apparently haven't taken many pictures of our girl lately, but I kind of loved this one of her jumping on her bed.  The bag is filled with an assortment of stuff she found around the house.  She's a cute little packrat.  We love our little 4 year old.

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Mom said...

My current favorite picture is the one of Emily and Hailey with the stickers on their faces. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.