July 16, 2015

Family Pictures...Hilariously Accurate

 Our family has never taken a great family photo.  You could blame us, the photographer, the camera, or fate.  Regardless, it's the truth.  :)  Good thing photos like this just make me laugh.  This is basically the best of the bunch.  That's what we get for having crazy kids. :)

These were taken after Henry was blessed on July 5th.  Fun facts - 1.  Henry was wearing a pretty spiffy little outfit that he decided to destroy with a blow-out, so here is the replacement outfit. :)  2.  Andrew was blessed six years to the day that Henry was blessed.  3.  WE are blessed to have all these amazing kids.

1 comment:

Miller said...

Your family pictures are enviable, at least the kids are all not cooperating in unison. And crying kids make the best pictures sometimes. A coworker has this family portrait with one kid just bawling. At first I thought, WHY would you put that on your desk at work. But now, I think it's a great personality picture (and hilarious) and all the perfect pose pictures surrounding it are rather dull. Anyway, treasure these. Too soon they'll be to take "normal" pictures. Thanks for sharing your challenges and unexpected treasures. You two have such great perspectives. Keep it up!