July 16, 2015

Karen Update

Well, let's see.  How am I feeling?
 That's mostly accurate, although everything's going well for us.  We love having baby Henry in our family.  He's the perfect addition, and we all adore him.  Having four kids is definitely not the shock-to-the-system that having three was.  It's still been quite an adjustment.  It's amazing how quickly you forget what it's like to have a newborn in the house.  Everything changes.  That isn't a bad thing, but it IS a thing.
 Can I tell you how much I hate the term "baby blues"?  I mean, seriously?  It sounds like, 'Well, after you have your baby you may feel a teensy-weensy weird sometimes.  But don't worry, it's super cute to feel this way!"  Baby blues?  It's basically (at least for me) the time when I feel like I've gone insane.  I'll be cruising along, feeling exhausted, but fine....then BAM!  Some weird thought or emotion will hit me.  "Hmmm, what should we have for breakfast?  I was thinking of making panca....oh my gosh, what if the baby somehow pulled the mobile onto himself and he's eating the pieces and choking!!?!?!"  Or "I think I'll go take a shower.  Yeah.....oh my gosh, I love my husband but does he HAVE to breathe like that?!?!"  I mean, seriously?  I'm not an overly emotional person, but after I have a baby?  Welcome to Crazy Town.  The "baby blues" have gone away, thankfully.
 The last three months have been extremely stressful.  I didn't really realize at times how wound up I was until I would notice I had my hands clenched or my shoulders shrugged or I would start crying.  I'm trying to learn to be more aware of how I'm feeling and not shove it away so I don't have to deal with it.

 I'm just realizing now how depressing this post sounds!!!!!  I'm happy!  Truly!  I even got to see my dear, dear, DEAR friend Meagan.  Gosh I love that girl.  She was in town visiting so we all got to hang out and she gave me a haircut which I was so happy about.  I love being with friends that you haven't seen for a long time, and feeling like you can just take it up where you left off!
I feel incredibly lucky.  Despite all the challenges we've faced, our family has stood strong, been strengthened, and felt the hand of the Lord.  We have 4 amazingly wonderful kids.  I have a dream husband.  We have a home to protect us from the elements.  We have so many blessings, and I am grateful for them.
Next week starts our family's regime of health.  Wish us luck!


Mom said...

A regime of health, huh? I just ate a double hamburger, fries and half a milkshake tonight. Apparently I need to join you. We really need to get back on our better diet. I wish I could help with the baby blues. It's just what you get with lots of crazy, loud kids around 24/7. One day they will be gone and you will miss them. Doesn't help now though.

Jennifer said...

You have such a positive attitude. You're doing great.