July 12, 2015

Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins...Oh My!

We've been traveling a LOT over the last couple of months, so we have gotten to see lots of family.  We just love our family on both sides, and so it's been fun for everyone to hang out.

Even if sometimes they become partners in crime.

You've never seen a group of kids clean up faster than when there's candy involved.  (at the 4th of July parade)

Noah and Sawyer were SO sweet with baby Henry.

Thanks for the fireworks, Uncle Aaron!

Spoiled baby. :)

They told us that they are very best friends...forever!

Telling "ghost stories."  The ending of this one was "But it wasn't really lost.  She found her puppy."

Charlie was very upset that the girls didn't invite him to the ball.  He was even dressed as a butterfly.

He was pretty ecstatic when he got to join in.

Such determination!


7 kids (Henry not pictured) 6 and under.  Yep.

Cute brothers!

Baby H loved having aunts to dote on him!

We were all glad Dave and Wanda could come.  I love my aunt and uncle so very much, and my kids agree.

I am so frustrated, because I KNOW I had a really cute picture of my dad with Henry, but I can't find it....

He was smiling up a storm at Jeanette.

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Mom said...

How do you get the time to make these great blog entries? I have lots more time than you do and hardly ever get around to doing it anymore. Good job, Karen.