June 10, 2015


Andrew had his sixth birthday earlier this month.  Six?  Six?!  How is that possible?
Wasn't this just yesterday?!  This was four years ago, and yet somehow he's still this tiny little guy to me.
I can't complain, though, because I REALLY like six year old Andrew.  Such a sweet, helpful, silly, energetic (!), fun, funny, great little guy.  We are SO lucky to have him in our family.  We celebrated with a few friends.
Emily and Charlie were "super bunnies."

There's something adorable about kids in party hats.  And having a dinosaur in a party hat?  Classic.

Brigham is the cheesiest, cutest little guy.

Andrew started a fad of "chicken face."  Charlie was all on board.  He was the only one besides Andrew.  They're made for each other.

Playing hot potato with a sloth.  Mike did the party games while I made Andrew's choice for his meal- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Why does he have to be so difficult?! :)

London Bridge.  Adorable kids.

Thank you so much for the fun gifts!!

Andrew had the single ugliest cake known to man, but he loved it, and the little kids put copious amounts of sprinkles on it so they felt they had contributed.

Emily spent the rest of the day and the following days wearing the party hats and putting them on all her animals. 
Happy Birthday, Jellybean.  We're so glad you came to live in our family.

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kirsten said...

happy belated to andrew!
love party hats, too! so cute, looks like everyone had a blast.