June 9, 2015

Too Fast

I'm sorry, but did someone say I gave birth six weeks ago??  How is he so big now?!  This time has literally flown by, and we've just adored every second of this little guy.

I find myself giggling my head off all day because he is just so stinking adorable!
 From the top of his crazy, strange hairline...

to his itsy bitsy monkey toes...
 What's more, he's survived six weeks with three older siblings who REALLY like him, and who REALLY like treating him like a puppet.

We love you, old man!

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Jennifer said...

Aww, he really is so sweet. I remember when I had my first he just seemed so little for so long. Those newborn days went by so slowly. I wish I'd had some of those slow newborn days with my others. With other kids in the house those days were just plain crazy. Hope you have some time to just enjoy the snuggling and playing with his little monkey toes.