May 21, 2014

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts.... bring you to a bunch of the cutest pictures known to man.
Andrew is such a good artist.  He'll be 5 on June 2nd, and he is just so imaginative and detailed.  On top of that, he is SMART.  We're so lucky to have this cute kiddo living here, and hope we can help him continue to develop his many talents.
Here's a worm on a plant.  Not sure what the thing on the left is.

The bones!

"A cart that moves itself so the people can just relax."

A pizza chef.  The hat is just the cutest thing ever.

He told me this was the other part of the bones of the arm.  I think he means a cross section.  He's seen it before in books on animals and things.  Like I said...this kid blows me away with how smart and detailed he is.

A fairground.  Adorable.

Andrew and a roly poly

A roly poly and a tree.  He started to do the bark but got bored with it.  THE KID DRAWS THE BARK ON THE TREE.  I'm not even that detailed...ever.

Tadpole (FYI, ours totally died because I fed them Cheerios.  They loved them, but apparently needed something more substantial to their diet.  Oops.)

A puppet show.  THE CURTAIN!

He gets the "From" and "Love" mixed up.

A bunch of fish, with Andrew holding one of the fishbowls.  You can tell because of the glasses.

My favorite part of this is the guy chugging the soda.  The circles are his full cheeks.

A city.  "A whole city."  I love the numbers on the buildings.

Some people climbing an A

A boat with a big wave on the right.  I LOVE the guy holding on his hat and the one looking out to sea.

A big race, with cars that move themselves and a roly poly drawn carriage.  He also drew a worm pulled cart but I don't have that scanned yet.

I love how happy all his drawings are.  Here is a water chef making "all different kinds of water, and a worm that came to say hello, and all the ingredients smiling.  And decorations on bottom."
And these are just the drawings from the past couple of days.  We are just bursting our buttons proud of this little sweetheart.

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Aimee Bachman said...

I happen to remember some pretty detailed drawings between us in English class. :-)