May 21, 2014

Boston Part V - Huzzah, Fie, and Ni Hao

We went to Chinatown, kind of expecting it to be like the one in Montreal.  Lots of neat restaurants, hokey stores, fruit stands, etc.  This one was....kind of lame in that regard.  It was there to sell Chinese food, and whole ducks and chickens in their windows.  Which is totally fine, just not what we were expecting. 
We did stumble upon a whole little park dedicated to playing checkers.  It was PACKED and every table was full of spectators.  This table was the least packed of the group.  We watched for a few minutes and only one turn was taken.  They took the game pretty seriously.  :)
This neat gate was by the park.
Self explanatory.  I'm a nerd.
 I had read online about the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, and it sounded pretty cool, so we headed down to the south of Boston to check it out.  And we were so glad we did!
 It was an interactive kind of show/play at first.  We were all given parts to play (real people who participated in the Boston Tea Party) and a feather as a "disguise."  There are actors who portray different people who guide you through the museum and ship.  It was really cool, and although I thought I would think it was a little weird to pretend to be in the town meeting, etc it was actually really fun.  Everyone got into it, shouting "Aye Aye!" or "Boo!" or whatever seemed right at the time. 
 Mike's part was my son, and I was his father.  That was a little weird, especially when he kept asking me for fatherly advice.  :)
 This actor was with us during the whole tour, while others were only there for part of the time.  He did a really good job.  They all did, really.  They never broke character, but did enough ad lib and jokes to make it interesting.  (i.e. the actor on the ship was saying that we hadn't brought any weapons or anything, then saw my camera in my hands and said, "Expect maybe that mini cannon there.") 
Father and son.  Aren't we cute?  :)
I really thought "Sam Adams" did a great job.  I was getting pretty caught up in what he had to say.  He was very exuberant, without being too cheesy or hokey.
Here we are on a replica of the ship.  It was really neat.
I look a little shifty-eyed here.  I think the sun was in my eyes.  Either that, or I was really ready to defy the British.
 And he's just cute.
We totally recommend the museum, and if you're looking for Chinese food,  a duck's head, or to sit around for hours watching someone play checkers, we recommend Chinatown.

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Mom said...

A mini cannon? That's a pretty funny adlib. I'm glad you had such a good time in Boston.