May 1, 2014

Resolution Check-in (April)

1.  Lose 50 pounds  This was an on again, off again kind of month.  I did great some weeks and horrible other weeks.  We all got sick for about a week and a half and my resolve went down the drain.  I did end up losing 2 pounds, which is great, but I definitely could have lost more if I had been more diligent.  So, good job on the 2 pounds, but shame on me for the others I could have lost.  May's a new month.
2.  Read 50 books.  I did much better this month trying to find time to read.  I'm up to 9 for the year, so I really need to step it up.
3.  Read the scriptures more this year.  This is going well.  I still don't read as much as I should, or as often as I should, but I feel myself being stronger, with a stronger resolve to be better.
4.   Spend time/Read to kids each day  While we were all sick, the kids were raised by me and the t.v., but not in that order.  They had a bit of a detox after we got better.  I am trying to make sure that before I get frustrated with the kids, I look at what I'm doing and see if I can help the situation by doing something calming with them or something.  (i.e. sweeping the floor can wait)
April=little steps, but need to be consistent

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Mom said...

When you have three kids aged four and under you are doing really well when you make any kind of progress. Read Mosiah 4:27. Now copy it on a pretty piece of paper and post it where you can see it every day. You are a great wife and mother. You are also a great person; improvement will come a little at a time -- over a bigger period of time than you may want. Go easy on yourself.