May 8, 2014

It's Here!

We are just so happy that Spring is finally here.  We have our garden ready to plant now, and will do so when we get back from Boston.  Andrew and Emily were so excited to help Daddy out.
Adding compost to the plot
Emmie had a hard time not walking on the garden.
Such little cuties!
 The library had a Spring party with games, activities, snacks, a bouncy house etc.  The kids had a great time.  It wasn't very well attended, so Andrew and Emily won the cupcake walk every time.  They actually won books, which was awesome.
Making kites
I'm not sure why it's sideways, but Andrew drew this picture of bugs - roly polies, love bugs, caterpillars, and spiders.  :)
This is such a typical view of my kids.  Andrew saw this and said, "Charlie was doin' stuff, makin' us laugh."
This baby loves being outside.  He gets on the bikes and tries to move around the yard.  He also loves drawing with chalk, sliding, playing with balls, or just running around in the wind laughing.  What a cutie!!
I was really impressed with this picture.  It's a "Roly Poly in his habitat"
 My friend Liz was taking pictures for someone here in Bolivar, so we got to play with our cute little friends for a while, and had a great time!!
Em and Charlie with Mia
The crew
Emily loves playing "soccer."
Our family portrait.  In order, Emily, Andrew, Mommy (wearing a lot of clothes), Charlie, and Daddy.  It's my favorite picture ever and is framed up on our wall.


Mom said...

I've got to say my favorite picture is the roly poly in his habitat. Amazing for an almost five-year-old!!!

The Reynders Family said...

Love it all :) Such fun memories! And, I too am impressed with Andrew's drawings!