May 20, 2014

Boston Part IV - On the Move

Getting around Boston is really not difficult.  We chose to use the subway and walk for the most part, except for the first day when we went to Rockport and rented a car.  If you're going to get a car in Boston on a Monday, be advised that they will all be rented already from the airport.  Every last one.  But with a short subway ride, you can rent one in the city and save yourself close to a hundred dollars.  It's only about $50 a day.  Not bad.
We stayed at a hotel outside of the city to save money, and they had a shuttle that you could take to a subway stop, so that was convenient.  It only came on the hour, so there were a couple times when we had a bit of a wait on our hands.  Luckily we had good company.
Walking the city was one of our favorite parts of the trip.  Being in a big city is fun anyway, but there's also the little pockets of town that are so unique.  The financial district was full of tall beautiful buildings, gorgeous flowers, and wide pathways.  It was a neat area of town!
 We walked down to the North End and got amazing cannoli and eggplant rollatini.  It was such a fun part of town, and we met a nice couple who took our picture and then we took theirs.  It was a gorgeous day, too.
 Taking the subway was such a blast from the past for both of us.  There were times when we could have sworn we were back in Montreal or Paris. 
Walking around town was pretty normal.  Just the usual.  People, buildings, bears playing the keytar... He's apparently quite popular.  He even has his own facebook page and was featured in Boston Magazine. 
Our week pass also covered a ferry from Boston to Charlestown.  It was awesome to be on the ocean, even for just a short while.

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