May 22, 2014

Boston Part VI - Glub Glub

We went to the New England Aquarium and had this little beauty taken when we first came in.  We could have bought an awesome copy of it, starting at only $30.  :)  Not gonna happen.  Although it does amuse me.

We got to pet stingrays, which is always pretty fun.  This time was a little more eventful, because when Mike petted one, it reached up and slapped his hand, spraying him with water.  It was pretty funny.
 We thought it was a beautiful aquarium, and we were glad we went.  There were some fish that were really unique, including the tiny seahorses and the eels that bury themselves in the ground.  After walking around for close to an hour, though, we both decided that there's only so many fish you can see before you start thinking that they all look the same.  :)
 The penguins were so cute, and were so excited to eat.  What a fun job that would be!
 They had a tank full of a school of fish, swimming around and around and around.  I've never seen so many fish in only space.  It was really interesting.

These were my favorite part of the aquarium.  They were called comb jellies.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  They had little lines going through their bodies that scrolled like neon lights.  I can't really describe it, but it was the most beautiful, fascinating thing ever!  Just gorgeous.

And of course the beautiful jellyfish.

This was a giant fish tank that was 2 floor high.  It housed tons of big fish, and a giant sea turtle.  It was really pretty, too.

And here we are in the sea lion/seal area.  They didn't have any shows, but they did have the biggest/hairiest/grossest looking sea lion I ever saw, that was a plus.  :)

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Mom said...

These posts make me want to travel. If Boston has all this cool stuff, just think of all the other things around the country and around the world that I am missing. I have the time; now I just need the money to do it. I'm glad you got to go and enjoy yourself.