January 20, 2015

Over the Moon

  For the past four and a half years, these sweet little kiddos have been in limbo.  My sister and brother-in-law have taken care of them since the day they came home from the hospital.  Their parents have worked so hard to get their lives in order to get these sweeties back.  In the end, they made a heartbreaking decision that is a huge blessing in our family's lives. 
  These wonderful, happy, amazing kids are now up for adoption.  And they will officially be members of our family.  We are over the moon.  It will still take awhile for all this to get sorted out and all, but what an amazing thing!  We've loved them for so long, and worried about their future for so long. 
  A few months ago, I asked my friends and family to participate in a day of fasting and prayer that what was right would happen, and soon.  I know that God heard and has answered these prayers.  Thank you so much!
  We are so happy!!!!!!!!!!

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kirsten said...

oh my gosh, YAY!!!!!!
thanks for the update!