January 5, 2015

Holiday Celebrations Part 1

Having a birthday 8 days before Christmas is fun in a lot of ways.  This year, I had some sweet friends drop off a little surprise, lots of happy wishes, and time with my little family.
Emily wanted to "blow out the candlestick" so each kid took a turn blowing out the candle.  Charlie was more interested in visiting the burn unit as he refused to stop trying to grab the candle.
Mike got me a couple cute bracelets and...
He-Man and Sheera Christmas Special.  So hilarious.  We love watching this.  It totally cracks me up.
We tried to take a picture together of us watching the movie the next day, but Mike was having some trouble. 
He looked a little punch-drunk and so he tried to fix that.
I think he overcompensated.
We were closer here, but decided to give up after awhile.  :)
Thanks for making my 33rd birthday special!!

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Mom said...

You were actually due on Jan. 1, but I was so happy to have you before Christmas. I really didn't want to be pregnant during Christmas. Having a sweet little baby was much nicer. Glad you had a good birthday.