January 6, 2015

Holiday Celebrations Part 2

Christmas!  I loooooooooooove Christmas.  I get so excited for it to get here, have so much fun, and then am so glad when it's over.  Am I the only one here?  So if you don't want to see all the fun we had...too bad!  Here it is.
Mike and I made a calendar so the kids could see what they had to look forward to.  Some of my drawings were a little funky, and we had to reschedule some of the stuff, but it really worked well and I think we'll do it again next year.
Charlie decided the tree needed some trimming, apparently.  (The blade has a cover on it, grandmas.)

Decorating the tree

Dance party by the lighted tree.  And a very sweet, wonderful daddy.

Little Ceasar's pizza picnic in the living room

Andrew got Legos!  He was so excited and happy to have them, and we love seeing all the creative stuff the kids have been making with them.

It's sideways.  Oops.  But here we are with the Legos, or as Charlie calls them, "Puzzles."

Andrew got me a kitty calendar and was very proud.

We had some friends and the missionaries over for Christmas Eve breakfast and that was pretty darn fun.
And then we went...everywhere!!!  Salem, St. Louis, back to Salem....we had a ton of fun, but were glad to be back home!
The kids are obsessed with my parent's cat, Pakamer.  They wished her a merry Christmas over and over and over........and over and over and over......

One of the cutest sister-in-laws ever!!

Silly little girl

Doing her "crazy eyes"

"Helping" Grandma Peat with lunch

More to come...

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Yvonne said...

The Jacob's know how to have fun! Miss you all!