January 21, 2015

making it worth it...

I remember being so excited when Emily was born for the kids to start playing together.  And then they did, and it was great.  And then...the fighting began.  Normally, they are good about sharing and playing nicely, etc but when they aren't, it's enough to make me want to hide in the bathroom and make them fight it to the death.
So this week, they have (for the most part) been playing so happily together.  And it's been so great!
One day this week was 60 degrees!  We took advantage of it by going out and playing in the backyard.  It felt so nice to have the windows open and get some fresh air after I had the flu last week.
This was the best picture in my attempt to get a cute one of the three of them.
Last night, I heard Emily say, "Oh, right, Charlie!  That will be a PERFECT game!"  I turned around to this scene... 
and my heart just about melted right out of my body.  Then they explained that they were playing a hugging game.  The rules were simple.  You hug each other and say 'awwwwww!'  Needless to say, I encouraged this behavior.
This was another game the littlest ones came up with.  They called it "Sleeping."  These rules are very simple.  You lay down next to each other on Andrew's bed and laugh while Andrew cleans his room.
They are all so cute and sweet.  It really does make it all worth it!!

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Mom said...

Emily & Charlie are adorable with their games.