January 7, 2015

Holiday Celebrations Part 3

We went to Amy's house for more Christmas!    It was great to spend time with my family, to watch all the cousins play together, and eat yummy food.
Me with my brothers, sisters, parents, and a tiny spider monkey.
Yes this IS the cutest picture of all time.  Thanks for asking.
Andrew even joined in on the fun.
Emily spent the majority of the day playing with the cute play kitchen.  She even fed the baby doll.
Andrew has decided he wants to eat vegetables!  He will voluntarily pick up cucumbers, carrots, and celery.  He even ate broccoli, but didn't like the florets, just the stem.  That was kind of weird, but HE ATE IT!  This means so much, because this kid has been SO picky for SO long.
Me with 5 of my absolute favorite people.
Why am I always making my own row in front?!  I even specifically  made sure I wasn't this time!  Haha, oh well.  Love these people.
Arts and crafts time
Uncle Aaron being bossed around by Emily
What a sweet daddy!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Mom said...

The mirror picture reminds me of a picture that would be hanging in a Harry Potter book -- of someone moving around and watching those in the room.

Yes, we did have a good time together. Sorry your dad and I were in and out so quickly.

kirsten said...

Amy and Mike!!!