January 9, 2015

Holiday Celebrations - The FINALE!

I had to make the title exciting so you'd read it.  :)  The last part of our journey was New Year's!  We had so much fun thinking of things to do with the kids.
Grandma read stories to the kids.
A lot.
Grandma had a bag of bracelets she got at a yard sale.  Emily played with them for days.  :)
Grandma and Grandpa got a new dryer while we were visiting, so all the kids had fun playing with the box.
Cute little Beasley boys
We decorated the dining room and got fun snacks for the kids.
They were super excited, even though it was hard to get a good picture of that.
We cut up some large confetti and gave them all a little baggie full of it.  They were so cute throwing it in the air saying, "Happy New Year!"
Some of them thought it would be good to make confetti angels.
Then we played games.  When the Barnard clan stays up past 8:30, things can get a little crazy.  We laughed so hard!!
Happy New Year!!!!

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Jennifer said...

You folks sure know how to party!