January 9, 2015

Being a Hero

When you think of a hero, there are many characteristics that come to mind.  And I can say, when my kids think of their hero, I'm sure they think of their daddy.
I got Charlie dressed for church the other day and was going to put a little sweater on him that he normally loves.  He ran away and refused to put it on.  Then I realized what he was saying. 
 "I Daddy.  I Daddy." 
He was saying this while patting his tie. 
Yeah, my heart melted just a bit.
People have asked me if I'm disappointed that this baby isn't a girl.  HOW could I be disappointed?  My boys have the best role model of all time.  We're lucky to be having another one.


Jennifer said...

I just realized that you have the same pattern of kids that I do. (B-G-B-B.) I have no idea why people have to be so rude about the "so were you hoping for a girl" thing, but I got it all the time. Annoying. What drove me craziest was when they would say those things to Summer, like they were trying to turn her against her brothers or something. Anyway. Rant over. That isn't what this post is about, obviously! :)

Mom said...

The whole point is to just love whoever you get. Heavenly Father has sent them to you so how can you complain?