April 5, 2013

Easter Happenings

Easter this year was pretty fun, despite some health stuff that I will save for another post.
I tried to make rolls shaped like bunnies.  Instead they kind of resemble hamsters being suffocated.  And that amuses me.
On the way to Salem to  play with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  The excitement tuckered them out.  Charlie was asleep, too.

Grandpa Barnard, Uncle David, Noah, and two more cousins watching trains.  This was a hot spot.  :)

One of Andrew's favorite parts of the weekend was playing with his great-uncle David.  Mine, too!

Charlie got to meet lots of people this weekend.  He was fussy, and we weren't sure why but that will be for another post.  :). Anyway, he was still a sweetie pie.  Not that I'm biased.
We also did Peep Jousting.  You basically put a toothpick in two peeps, face them together, turn on the microwave, and whoever stabs the other peep first wins.  It was pretty fun, even if I did lose....twice.  Wahhh!!!  My poor little pink peeps.

Here we are at the church after Charlie's blessing.  The lighting was pretty bad, and Emmie's hair was a little out of control, but hey!  We're all there!  :)
Here's Emmie-girl on Easter morning.  She dug right into the candy in those eggs, and insisted on wearing the glasses and jewelery right away.  I guess the Easter Bunny nailed it.
Um, why does my baby loook so grown up?!  Andy was super excited about all the candy, as well as a toy snake and a coloring book.  He is such an adorably sweet little boy.

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