April 23, 2013

Duck Tales

Andrew and Emily love ducks, especially Andrew.  We decided to take the kids the other day down to the park to feed the ducks.  They loved it, although they were either giving them miniscule peices or they were throwing down huge hunks.  That's okay.  :)  Also, we ended up feeding geese mostly.  (Am I the only one who absolutely detests the stupid little birds?  Ducks, I like.  Geese, I hate.  They're mean and greedy and hiss at you.  I seriously don't like them.)  Anyway.  They had fun.

And Emily was all decked out in sunglasses and a hat of course.  That girl loves her accessories.
 Then last night, Mike brought home 3 little ducklings for the kids to have as visitors for the next little while.  After they've grown up a bit (or we get sick of having them) we'll send them to Mike's co-worker.  Emily kept saying, "Hi gucks!  Come here!" Andrew has been over the moon.  He told us that they looked like Emily and Charlie, and every time they make any noise (which is very very often) he will say, "Hear that?  That's our guckies!" 

I have to admit, seeing those little guys swimming around in our tub is pretty adorable.


Jensen Family said...

Cute! Soren was so confused by the sunglasses. He kept saying "Whose that?" Then we scrolled down to the bottom. "Oh! That's Andrew!"

Casey & Liz said...

So cute! My kids would love to come and see the 'guckies'! me too we need to get together!!!!!

Mom said...

What do you do with them when they aren't in the tub? Do you have a pen? It's good that you have someone to take them when they get bigger. I have to admit though, they are pretty adorable while they are little.

kirsten said...

that is AWESOME! My husband wants ducks. We had a couple splashing in puddles (and wandering in open garages) on our street on Saturday- it was so cute and weird. Wish they would have settled in our garden!