April 6, 2013

You're Sick!

The past couple of weeks have not been the healthiest in the Jacobs family.  First I was sick with a stomach bug for 4 or 5 days.  Then Charlie developed a boil on his tiny tush and had to have it lanced this weekend.  Then Michael and I got a different stomach bug that lasted about 4 days.  Let's just say, I'm really looking forward to not being sick for awhile!  We feel extremely grateful that Andrew and Emily have avoided any sickness.  Having Easter around this time has given me an interesting perspective.  I haven't loved being sick (at all) and am so very grateful that I have a Savior who sacrificed all for me so that someday I can live with a perfected body that will never be sick.  But watching my poor little Charlie be in pain and so upset had me thinking of how grateful I am that someday they also will have perfected little bodies.  Because it was so terrible watching him be so sad and feeling so helpless.
In the hospital, feeling sad for our baby while he stands to alleviate the pressure on his bottom and beats his little fists in anger.

The doctor was so kind, and did a great job helping our little guy.  He knew Mike's dad, so that was nice too.  Charlie wasn't too happy about the whole procedure, and decided to exact his revenge by projectile pooping all over the doctor.  He said, "Well, I guess I deserved that one.  I'd do that too if someone was stabbing my bottom." 

Poor little fella.  And poor Charlie, too.

Just to depress you guys.  It's not fair that we had to be depressed alone.  :)
By the way, Charlie is feeling really well now, and was basically feeling fine the day after.  No wonder he was feeling so cranky this weekend.  I felt pretty terrible when I saw the boil.  We're glad to have our happy, smiley baby back.  :)

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