May 9, 2011


We were able to head to St. Louis this weekend to visit family, go to the temple, and the zoo. Andrew loved the zoo. The animals were fun for him, but he was mostly more excited to see the kids running around. :) We had a fun trip, it was extremely nice out, and I have also decided to never again go to the zoo and walk around for two hours when I'm 33 weeks pregnant. I felt really good until the end and then my ankles, feet, and toes were swollen for the rest of the weekend. Yikes. :) I'm really glad we went, though. It was so fun to spend some time just as our little family.

Andrew was pretty impressed with the bears.

Our family at the penguin habitat. Andrew wanted to get inside and swim with the penguins and climb the rocks. :)

AND he kept trying to open the glass to get in with the monkies.

Andrew loved riding around in his little hiking backpack.

He found some polar bears at the gift shop that we weren't sure he was going to give up easily. Luckily he just snuggled with them for awhile and was happy to go see more animals.

Here's a cute picture of Andrew. His favorite animal was......

this little guy. Andrew looked at these "gucks" for a long time. He loved it.

They were pretty cute.

I love my little family. So much.


The Kelly Family said...

You all look so cute! I love the STL Zoo!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I was going to say hi to you on Sunday and then I realized that you guys disappeared on me!

Glad you had a good weekend-- and you look really cute at 33 weeks pregnant!

(And by the way, I'm only 5 months along and my feet are suddenly GIGANTIC.)

Jill said...

Oh, the St. Louis zoo! We loved that zoo and would frequent it often. Andrew is such a cutie. I'm glad you guys got to have a fun family day out.

Lori said...

Good for you for going! Looks like fun, we loved that zoo!