May 29, 2011

Growing up

It's official. My little guy is growing up. Within the last week, he learned how to turn a somersault, pull up his own shorts (unless they get stuck on his diapered bum), and how to pedal a tricycle. I guess it makes sense - he'll turn 2 on Thursday. But it's a little bittersweet to see him becoming his own little person.
I'm just grateful for the moments when he wants to snuggle, for the moments when he asks for a hug, for those little moments when he says "Sank ya Mommy." I love when he asks for a "backpack" when he wants a piggy-back ride. I love when he is proud of himself and makes his smug little face or says yay and claps for himself. I love when he plays with his daddy, and when he sings and dances.
I really really love this kid. He's quickly becoming a real-life toddler, rather than my little baby. And I'm excited to see what he turns out to be as he gets older. Cause I'm really loving who he is everyday.

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timpani76 said...

I've loved every age my kids have had so far! Watching them grow up is the best gift I have ever been given ;)