May 20, 2011

Another Goodbye

We had to say goodbye to the Hamiltons this week. Another law student graduating. Lucky stiffs. :) Leave it to me to get pictures of the kids and forgetting entirely to get any pictures of the adults. Sheesh. Anyway. We're really going to miss our amazing friends and all the fun we have together. We're glad they're not moving too far away!

Andrew was not at all interested in eating until Amelia and her little friend started eating. Then he was all for it. I didn't get a good shot of them all cracking up, but they spent the whole time making each other laugh. Andrew will laugh at anything, and found that if he put his foot on the table, the girls would squeal and say "Oh stinky!" and then they'd all laugh until I worried one/all of them would choke. Pretty cute.
Andrew and Amelia hugging. Isn't she such a cutie? I love that little redhead. She's so funny, and such a sweetheart. Andrew loves her.
Hugging Melissa. He loves that family just as much as Mike and I do.
We're so grateful to know the Hamiltons and wish them so much luck in their new home. We're going to miss having them around!

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