May 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Lately we've been having some really good days, mixed in with some bad/temper tantrum/sick/defiant-almost-two-year-old moments.

1. Playing outside with Andrew today.
2. Singing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" and having Andrew dance while holding dandelion leaves. I am so grateful he can learn the truth about how special he is and who he is and who God is so early in his little life. It's wonderful.
3. Finding out he knows the alphabet song! He won't sing it on his own but if I sing it and pause, he'll fill in the right letter and usually the right note. Brag brag. It's good to know, though, that all your work and teaching is actually getting through.
4. His response to me telling him we are going to the library tomorrow - "Cool." Also, anytime his response to my questions is sure ("sho"). It's pretty much adorable and hilarious.
5. Mike is done with two of his finals - just two more to go!

1. Being pregnant isn't so bad, it really isn't. But there are times when you are just definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore.
2. Craving jalepenos. Not good for the heartburn situation. Especially since I pretty much polished off a jar of them today.
3. Independent little 23 month old boys can sometimes make me crazy. He's so sweet, and I really enjoy his company, but since he isn't quite sure what he wants, even when he wants it can be kind of taxing on my brain cells. Here's a typical conversation:
Me: Andrew, are you hungry?
Andrew: Hungy? No.
Me: Do you want some lunch?
Andrew: Lunk? No. Yeah, yeah! No. YES!
*Then he laughs hysterically and smiles at me while I try to figure out what just happened here.*
This picture is him when he wasn't feeling well holding the laptop on his lap. He's seen
Mike and Aaron do it, and felt like big stuff.
1. My hands are so chapped this winter. If I keep lotion on them, they don't crack and
bleed. However, I've spent most of this winter (and spring apparently) with what
looks like red leather gloves on my hands. It's UGLY and I'm so excited for the
weather change just so I can look like I have normal, non-leprous hands. Have a
good mental image of that? You're welcome.
2. I've gotten to the point where I feel yucky. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, haven't been
wearing makeup, and am exhausted all the time. I don't feel ugly, just like a frumpy
mom. But that's normal.

As you can see, there's a lot more good going on around here. As usual. I'm grateful for a nice life and nice people in it. :)


Colton Anne said...

Congrats to Michael being almost done with his finals!! And to you for almost being done!! The Mom goes through so much when the spouse is in school! And 33 are very close!! Hang in there!!

Terrie B said...

Satin Hands by Mary Kay TRULY IS good stuff. I wish I wasnt too frugal to keep myself IN SUPPLY. You might just try it :)

I think you are beautiful even without any make up. Save the make up for the people who need it. I am not the most beautiful every day either, but I am blessed with clear skin and a decent tone, albeit fair. So, I've learned to cope with NATURAL lol. Wear it pridefully girl! Hug your brother for me!