May 20, 2011


So here's something awesome we discovered this week. There's a gymnastics place here in town called Flipz and occasionally they have days where there's free play for kids under 6. It only costs $5 per kid and adults are free. It was so awesome. Andrew pretty much thought it was the best thing he'd ever done. They had balance beams of all sizes, floor trampolines, rock climbing, swinging ropes, big balls, and a huge foam block pit. Baby girl was doing her own gymnastics inside me the whole time. I took care of her while Mike helped Andrew explore. :)

After about an hour, he was so worn out. He opted to just sit on the trampoline while the other kids bounced him. He'd sit there and if he got high, he'd start clapping and saying, "Yay!"
Andrew making his proud face while walking on a high balance beam. He actually did a really good job staying up there with just a little help from Daddy.
Daddy and Andrew getting ready to jump in the pit!
In they go!
And they're in! It is 5 feet deep, so kids basically just float on the top while the adults sink. Mike said it was a real workout, but lots of fun.
We are sooo excited to have found another fun indoor activity that will tire out our little sweet boy.


Jensen Family said...

Love the diving pictures. Glad you had fun! So did we!

Mom said...

Wow, I'm glad Mike was there to escort Andrew. That would have worn me out! Columbia has such great activities available.