April 6, 2015


You may be fancy, but you'll never be as fancy as me at 37 weeks pregnant wearing the amazing necklace Andrew made me.  I was taking a nap earlier that day during the kids' nap/rest time.  He came in, put it around my neck, kissed me on the cheek, and left.  He is SO sweet.  It's ridiculous.

After Michael took my picture, Andrew wanted to take a picture.  I SWEAR I put clothes on my kids.  Andrew has a habit of putting his pants on backwards, and they fell off about 3 minutes before the picture was taken.  But you have to admit, he looks sensational.  (And for a change, Charlie is wearing both pants and a shirt!!)
Emily couldn't let this opportunity pass her by.  (She started the day wearing all her clothes.  At some point she went potty and left her pants off, but was wearing a long tunic.  Then she got applesauce on that, so of course that had to go.  Clothes had a rough time at our home that day.  At least she was sporting some fancy boots.)

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The Reynders Family said...

You are hilarious! and sensational! You look great at 37 weeks! Love, and miss you all!