April 27, 2015

Catching Up Before #4

Here I am on Sunday - little guy has definitely outstayed his welcome.
She is too cute.

Silly kid

Our good friends the Bees had us over last week for dinner, and then the kids got to feed the baby calf.  It was adorable, and the kids had so much fun.  I love that family so much!

Andrew and his buddy Ben.

Charlie enjoyed chasing the calves, mooing.

It was a chilly morning, and they got to play the Kindle and my phone.  They had a fun time, and they were adorable.

I got out some paints the other day and the two oldest played with it for SO long.  They were very creative, and when Emily realized what I meant by "They're fingerpaints - that means you can use your hands to paint" she really went to town - as you can see here.

For church yesterday, Andrew asked to do Emily's hair.  I took these pictures before the finished product.  There were lots more bows than this when he finished.

She was a LOT more patient with him than she is with me.

The kids accessorized.  You can't tell very well but Andrew is also wearing sandals and his pants have a hole in the knee.  We noticed that when we went inside the chapel.  I managed to fix Em's hair but Andrew snuck another bow in at the last second.  They are so stinking cute.

They were pretending to sleep.  After I took this picture, Andrew asked me if he was 'as cute as a kangaroo rat being born.'

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