April 10, 2015

Showered with Love

You know how some people are just so nice, you can hardly believe it?  Mike has the privilege of working with some amazing people who are generous, kind, and loving!  One of these people is Stephanie! 
She threw me a baby shower the other week.  We had a small group, but we laughed and had such a good time.  I was so grateful for the diapers and wipes, etc that we received.  It made me even more excited to meet our little guy.
Here's the adorable diaper cake Steph made!  The lion is a BIG hit already with all three of my kids, so we'll have to wrestle it out of their small little fists.

After the guests left, Mike and the kids showed up for a little mini party.  Here's Andrew making a sugar scrub.

I really love this guy, by the way.

Testing out the scrub.

One of the cutest parts of the party was the photo props she made.  The whole thing was so adorable!!!!!  I was shocked that Andrew wanted to participate.  As you can tell, he also really enjoyed participating in the treats provided.

Charlie wasn't really sure what was going on.


Yeah, he's cute.

Emily LOVED it and wanted to take picture after picture.

Cutest little button-nosed girl ever.

I love that she's puckering up under the lips.

What a man!

I LOVE this picture.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie!  And thank you for those of you who were able to come help us celebrate.  Love you all!

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